From a purely social space to share photos to a legitimate platform to grow business, Instagram has changed a lot over the years. I’ve tried over the years to share as much as I can of what LooseKeys is working on, but plenty of times, something might have been a first version that wasn’t great or something we can’t share. The more creative, original, and captivating your photos are, the more likely people will share and follow your account – so bring on the filters! Your Highlights serve as a snapshot of the content you post and are a more interactive way for users to know your brand. These Highlights are a great way to keep people informed about your new projects and products, get a snapshot of your brand, or tell them how to contact you. If you want your highlights to look professional, use specifically designed icons for your highlight reels. Now, if you look at this video that I posted…

But that’s all changing now! Geotag it! That way, other people who used the same geotag can see your photo and potentially follow you since you now have so much in common (like that french toast you both had last weekend). When you search for photographs, the social media network will display all the pictures with a common hashtag. Once you have some ideas, search for them on Instagram. Android and iPhone versions of Instagram enable you to take video directly from the app, so rather than taking a single picture of your family dinner, take a short video as you all sit down to eat. Likewise, if you’re taking a picture at home, peek over your shoulder to see what’s behind you before taking the shot – you don’t want an overflowing laundry basket to add clutter to your photo. However, while using spammy tactics and buying engagement might seem tempting, it merely won’t cut it in 2020. It’s also a risk that’s not worth taking. This means taking a moment to think about the setting, lighting, and background before snapping a shot.

This means you’ll be able to tailor your strategy and fine-tune any content you post in the future. đŸ˜‰ In case you’re confused, geotagging your photos means you tag them with a location. Don’t go blindly into the hashtag universe; know what you’re ordering so you can build your following. You know you want it. I know it’s tempting to use a business account logo, but if you’re a blogger, it should be a photo of you! The apps to increase Instagram followers that you can use include marketing automation tools like Buffer, HubSpot, or Hootsuite. Here I will show you five apps for getting free likes on an Instagram post using the install liker app. Half the battle on Instagram is getting your content tagged so others can find it. Getting more Instagram followers can improve traffic metrics to your website. Check out some extra resources that can help increase your following. As of December 2014, the social network has more than 200 million active users, with 20 billion photos shared – averaging roughly 60 million images per day.

Believe it or not, Instagram Stories are rapidly growing in popularity, to over 400 million daily users. Growing up in Wales, feeds like Visit Wales and Brecon Beacons (my home area) are personal favorites. Try to have more real followers, and they will like your posts. Giving people a chance to sample our stellar Instagram services through a free trial is an opportunity for you to get more authentic followers for your Instagram account. Why are you giving away likes for free? Your post likes are increased when you use this app. I decided to use a consistent, flowery font and a watercolor background image. Some ideas? Have users repost a specific image and tag you in the caption. You have to use a third-party app to repost pictures. Or invite them to use your hashtag on their views. 4. Create a hashtag and encourage others to use it, too. Whether you hope to become the next big Instagram star or want to develop a more robust social network with family and friends, use these tips to grow your Instagram following. While a great way to start a following is to find your existing friends and build from there, I preferred to wait until my account was built up with an organic following before telling my friends about my venture.

By keeping your content authentic to yourself and your brand, while strategically using the app to promote your message, you’ll find success on Instagram. How do you find users in your niche? According to a compilation of Instagram statistics by TOTEMS- Instagram was after displaying year-over-year growth of more than 900% two years in a row – booming from a million active users to more than 100 million active users bought out by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. 3. The more users you get to your profile, the more reach potential you get and increase your engagement rate. Being one of the biggest marketing platforms, Instagram has proven to be successful at attracting engagement and conversions for the business. Social media is all about engagement. Ahh, Instagram. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a well-loved social media outlet (for comparison, the population of the U.S. is over 325 million…!). However, businesses must not forget that this social media platform is just being used as a medium to increase sales and brand exposure.